Willem's Vintage Bikes


Peugeot PH8, 1983, size 57                                                                                      215,00

Simple but efficient and high quality Peugeot PH8 in excellent condition. Beautiful paint with hardly any spots. Fully revised with new tyres, inner tubes, bar tape, chain and cables.

Peugeot PH15, 1986, size 57                                                                                 215,00

Flashy eighties colour and pristine frame with zero rust. Increasingly hard to find Peugeot PH15, fully revised with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, bar tape and cables.

Cycles Gitane, 1981, size 52                                                                                215,00

Very elegant and functional Cycles Gitanes, fully renovated with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables and bar tape. Rare small frame size. Excellent condition all over.

Méral, 1981, size 49                                                                                            230,00

Very light, elegant yet comfortable Méral ladies racing bike. Exclusive frame and rare small size. Pristine condition. Fully revised with new tyres, inner tubes and cables. Contact us for a test ride!

Frejus, 1968, size 55                                                                                         reserved

Fully revised Frejus from Torino, with new cables, chain, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes. Legnano hubs. Wheels rebuilt. Emblematic high quality Italian racing bike from the sixties.